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How does SplitPay work?

Who can use SplitPay?

I am a shopper – how do I sign up to SplitPay?

I am a merchant – how do I offer SplitPay?

Is there a cost to use SplitPay?

Is SplitPay safe and secure?

Where can I use SplitPay?

How do I dispute a purchase or refund?

Using SplitPay Instalments

Why can’t I log in to my SplitPay account?

Why is my order being declined?

I have tried to reset my password but I am not receiving the email with instructions?

My SplitPay account has been disabled. How do I log in to my account to pay an instalment?

How do I change the email address or phone number on my SplitPay account?

Why have I been charged a Late Fee?

Why haven’t I received my goods yet?

How do I close my SplitPay account?


Are my instalments automatically deducted from my card?

When will my first instalment be charged?

How can I pay for my order using a different payment method?

How do I make my payments early?

What do I do if my automatic payment failed?

Can I change my instalment schedule?

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Which cards does SplitPay accept?


What if I want to return my whole purchase?

What if I only return some of the goods I purchased? How do I obtain a partial refund?

Why I am still getting charged by SplitPay even though I have returned my goods?

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